Womens Adaptive Tracksuit Set / Sweat Suite

Adaptive Top With Open Back Pants - Disabled Adult Apparel


Adaptive Open Back Pants :

  • Easy Access Dressing - Dressing from a Seated Position
  • Complete Dignity - 2 Overlapping Back Panels
  • Easy Closure - Secured with Adjustable Snaps
  • Elastic Waist - Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Quality Machine Washable - Polyester


Adaptive Open Back Tops

  • Easy Access Dressing - Terrific for Lowered Upper Arm Mobility
  • Easy Closure - Secured with Snaps at Shoulders
  • No Pressure Points - Strategically Placed Shoulder Snaps Eliminate Pressure Points
  • Complete Dignity - Full Back Overlap
  • Quality Machine Washable - Polyester



Adaptive Two Piece Tracksuit Set / Sweat Suite for women

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  • Open-back top modernized with a grommet-adorned V-neck.

    Pants are customized to your needs.

    100% Polyester Terry Looper with soft brush-lining.

    V Neck Open-Back Top with Full back overlap with snaps at shoulders. This adaptive sweatsuit top completely opens up, allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without ever having to raise/lower their arms or struggle with small neck openings. The back overlap is then folded over and domed/snapped into place. 

    Open Back Pants. Two overlapping back panels with adjustable snap closure. Elastic waist.

     Quality machine washable polyester.