JOBST® FarrowWrap® is for mild to severe lymphedema patients who need a cost-effective solution that can adapt if their limb volume changes. FarrowWrap® is the patented Elastic Short-Stretch™ garment that gives the benefits of bandaging without the hassle. FarrowWrap® is perfect for patients with fluctuating edema who have difficulty donning traditional compression stockings. FarrowWrap® LITE is made from a double-laminated fabric suitable for mild to moderate compression needs, making it especially suitable for home care use / self-management patients. The fabric is both durable and breathable. The LITE TTF (Trim-To-Fit) armpiece can be customized and will fit most limb sizes. Can be retrimmed as edema reduces.


JOBST FarrowWrap Lite TTF Compression Wraps 20-30 mmHg Armpiece Velcro Pack Tan

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