One Piece Anti-Strip Jump Suit Alzheimer's Suit with the look of two pieces.


Antistrip clothing for male Alzheimer's patients and dementia patients


  • Elastic Waist - Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Strategically Placed Closures - Dome Closures at Neck Helps Prevent Disrobing
  • Easy Assisted Dressing - Designed to Facilitate Assisted Dressing and Assisted Undressing
  • Quality Machine Wash & Dry: Wrinkle Resistant
    • Top: 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton
    • Pants: 65% Polyester - 30% Cotton - 5% Spandex



The attached short sleeve t-shirt in this back zip jumpsuit is made of strong durable cotton with a reinforced plaquet to prevent tearing. This Antistrip Alzheimer's Jumpsuit has an elastic waist. These ultra-soft pants feature non elastic straight leg cuffs. The pants  are quality machine washable polyester-cotton fleece. Long back zipper for easy access. 


The Anti Strip features provide comfort to the individual and peace of mind for the care provider.


Clothing for people with Alzheimer's is geared to help make life easier for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers.




Men's Dementia Alzheimer's Jumpsuit

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  • Machine wash & tumble dry. Quality machine washable; Top: 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton & Pants: 65% Polyester - 30% Cotton - 5% Spandex and Wrinkle resistant.

  • Alzheimer's, Bedridden Patient, Disabled, Handicap, Health Care, Home Care, Hospice, Nursing Home