Our deluxe fingernail clipper can help maintain healthy looking nails. The built-in nail catcher traps excess clippings for easy disposal and the die-cast lever gives smooth easy action while cutting. It also comes with it's own metal etched file on the bottom to smooth nails after clipping. This all-in-one tool is great when you need everything in one. Handle can be adjusted for right or left handed use Extra durable heavy duty clippers, portable and practical Features high-tech cutting edges in a slim, flat design Snowflake pattern nail file smooths even thick toenails and clipping catcher Help maintains healthy looking nails, smoothens nails after clipping, great all in one tool.    Great for people with low vision.  Shipping within approx. 1-3 weeks


Available only in the U.S

Mini Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers Safe Universal Nail Clippers 1 Pcs

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