Ideal adaptive garment for individual that remains in a seated position with complete dignity. It also features two overlapping back panels with easy snap closure. These terrific adaptive clothing wheelchair pants/slacks for women are perfect for those with lowered mobility/wheelchair user dependency and/or incontinence. This easy access adaptive apparel pant for women design allows for quick and easy changes for those with incontinence issues.


  • Antimicrobial *NEW *  Shields fabric from disease causing germs
  • Fluid Barrier *NEW *  Great for Incontinence and Protects from Spills & Smells
  • Reduces Exposure - Safer Open Back Dressing Solutions
  • Quick Struggle-Free Dressing - Reduces Dressing Time
  • Easy Access Dressing  Dressing from a Seated Position
  • Complete Dignity  2 Overlapping Back Panels
  • Easy Closure  Secured with Adjustable Snaps
  • Elastic Waist  Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Convenient Side Pockets  Handy Seam Pocket on Each Side
  • Soft & Comfortable - Great for Sensitive Skin and Ultimate Comfort
  • Inseam - 31 inches



Pant Open Back Knit With Pocket Antimicrobial

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