Weighted Blanket Sensory Calmness  for Autism Anti-Anxiety Sleep


Weighted blankets are made by sewing a grid of pockets of hypoallergenic BPA free pellets into the fabric,evenly distributing the increased weight across the entire blanket



√Reduce stress and anxiety  
√ Improve Sleep
√ Help relax and re-focus    
√ Relieve Discomfort
√ Promote calm           
√ Feels like being hugged
√ Offer a feeling of protection
We recommend a blanket that is 10% of your body weight. You can also add 1 or 2 extra pounds of weight for additional pressure.


A weighted blanket may feel unpleasant if it is too heavy, but you may not feel the full effects if it is too light. While it’s typically a safe bet to adhere to the 10% rule, plus or minus a pound or two, everyone is different.


You should never use a weighted blanket for a child less than Five years old.


Weighted Blanket Sensory Calmness for Autism Anti-Anxiety Sleep

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  •  100%Cotton fabric,No-lead Glass Beads,BPA-free,Non-toxic,polyester filling

    Size: 90x122cm

    Material: Cotton fabric, polyester filling

  • For best care, wash your weighted blanket in cold water and lay flat to dry.