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Magenta-pink-colored syrup gel is the base of this romantic and elegant manicure. Accented with gold glitter on the tip, these nails are the perfect shade for autumn.

Whether you want to lengthen your short nails or change up your look, our natural, soft and durable at-home art gels are made with high-quality material to last you a long time while being safe for the health of your nails and skin. When you're at the top of your nail game, you're ready for anything—so pack a bag, nail up, and Bon Voyage as you go take on the world!


  • In the set: 28 nails in 14 sizes, non-toxic liquid glue, non-toxic gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick and nail file.
  • How to apply & remove:
  • Good to know:

Rose Fantasy | Soft & Durable Press-On Nails

SKU: c9bef18e
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