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Return & Claims Policy

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Return & Claims Policy


Below you will find general and specific guidelines around Biocore Inc’ return & claim policy

1.       Return Policy

1.1.    General guideline

Any products purchased from Biocore Inc falls under our everyday return policy (except those deemed “non- returnable”). In order to receive full credit products can be returned within 30 days. Any products returned after the 30-day grace period will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


1.2.    Product eligibility  Products being sent back to Biocore Inc will be diligently inspected at our warehouse as there are certain criteria that need to be met in order for products to be accepted & credited. Any and every product sent back need to have a minimum of 10 months left on expiry, needs to be in flawless condition (no rips, tears, sticker damage etc. The product needs to be in perfect resell condition.  Non-returnable product will not be considered for reimbursement in anyway shape or form. Non-returnable items include: special order items (not regularly stocked), products that have been (or soon to be) discontinued by the manufacturer, products that Biocore Inc does not have a need for nationally.


1.3. Overstock return (Shelf Cleaner)

For product that was not purchased through Biocore Inc, we will look at taking product back as long as product is eligible (as per section 1.2 product eligibility) we will look at taking ‘dead stock’ off your hands. Every product returned under this program is subject to a 15% restocking fee.


1.4.   Shipped orders

Customers will be responsible for return shipping charges in the event that the address entered for delivery is not valid or was entered falsely and results in a returned shipment to us. In the event that the order needs to be reshipped, the initial order will only be credited once we have received and processed the return for the package that was originally shipped.


We will apply a 15% restocking fee to the order being returned to us in order to cover the re-delivery fee back to Biocore Inc’s warehouse.


In the event that no one is home, customer will be responsible to go pickup their order at our courier’s depot/ pick up location. Any sub-sequence re-delivery attempt will be billed. Any ‘’unclaimed’’ package sent back to our warehouse will be billed.



1.5.    Claims

1.5.1. Damaged product (over packing)

It is the customer’s responsibility to report any damaged package they receive from Biocore Inc. The customer has two business days from receipt of an order to report damaged goods and get the product replaced/credited. Biocore Inc will not be liable for any damage reported after the 2-business day period.



1.5.2. Damaged box (from third party courier)

It is the customer’s responsibility to report any damaged or lost package from our third  party courier partners. If you see that there are missing boxes or visible damage to your order you need to sign for it “damaged” with the courier and report it IMMEDIATELY.


Biocore Inc. will not be liable for any orders SIGNED IN FULL by the customer.

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